In Australia we have the Wiggles. They’re popular, and have become a multi million dollar franchise. That’s cool. Good on them. The music is rubbish though, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not meant for you and me, it’s meant for kids. But do kids not deserve a kick ass band once in a while?

Enter Hevisaurus.

Hevisaurus are a Finnish children’s band who stand out due to two very important facts:

1. They are responsible for some of the best modern european power metal being produced right now.

2. They’re fucking dinosaurs.

Sure, these songs are for kids, but you quickly get over it, as they’re not in english and the music is awesome. (Plus, dinosaurs are awesome to kids and adults alike, and anyone who suggests otherwise is a liar).

Hevisaurus are a genuinely good band, with catchy and likeable songs, that just happen to be intended for kids. But metal doesn’t always have do be dark and sinister. Sometimes it can be ridiculous and fun. Sometimes it can be dinosaurs.