When I first started this little challenge for myself, the main drive was bringing attention to some bands I thought people needed to be aware of (or in the case of bigger, more mainstream acts, maybe I just wanted to remind you). Either way, these are bands I recommend.

So, this is new territory here – I do not recommend this band. I urge you to not listen to this band. You are not mentally or emotionally equipped to listen to this band. Infant Annihilator are, perhaps, one of the heaviest bands I’ve ever heard. I’m talking heavy in a traditional sense – thunderously low, chainsaw-like riffs, utterly pummelling blast beats, blisteringly demonic squeals, screams, and grunts, oh and song titles like ‘Cuntcrusher’ and lyrics we won’t even get into. Like I said, you don’t wanna listen to this band.

In 2018, Infant Annihilator released their third studio album “The Battle of Yaldabaoth”. With it, what had thus far been a forceful exaggeration of death metal and deathcore’s more outlandish tropes, a joke we can uncomfortably laugh about together while banging our heads, grew into something far more daunting.

In ‘The Battle of Yaldabaoth”, IA took that monstrously over-the-top, satirically twisted deathcore sound, and polished it into something surprising – an hour-long concept album set in a fantastical world of monsters and knights. It was like a perverted bastardisation of Lord of the Rings. A version where kindly wizards and amiable hobbits are replaced with child-devouring monsters and sexual deviants. A tale that culminates in a battle of false gods – the titular “Battle of Yaldabaoth”.

Their sound, while still a testament to every gore-dripping note from death metal’s more brutal corners, had surprisingly matured. Most of the more core inspired elements had been shed, leaving a sort of corrupted and harrowing bastard son of tech death.

Basically, The Battle of Yaldabaoth is the result of a brutal, shocking, joke band setting out to make something more mature and dramatic, while maintaining their sense of humour and utterly unrivalled monstrous sound, and it is fucking incredible.

You do not want to listen to this band. But, you kind of do, don’t you?