Darkthrone are black metal royalty. It’s that simple. They’re living legends. Relics of the second wave who in fact are not relics, but rather a continuous, driving force in the evolution of the genre. 

Darkthrone have released 18 albums in the last 30 years, and they’ve never really stuck to a sound. While their earlier albums, like “A Blaze in the Northern Sky”, “Under a Funeral Moon”, and “Transilvanian Hunger” are seminal black metal albums, that were (and are) incredibly influential, beyond that Darkthrone sought out to push the limits and framework of the genre. 

In the years since, Darkthrone have incorporated elements of death metal, crust punk, speed metal, traditional metal, and even doom metal. Every couple of years, Darkthrone release another album and nobody knows quite what to expect. At this point, they’re an amorphous, ever-changing amalgam of genres mixed with black metal that the genre might as well just be labelled “Darkthrone Metal”. 

Darkthrone remain one of the most notable and influential active bands in all of black metal, and somehow manage to do so while thumbing their nose at most of the defining traits of a once notoriously stubborn genre. 

And I never even touched on the fact they continue to be so revered and significant without performing live. They just don’t need to.