Metal has always had an affinity for less mainstream music themes and concepts – swords and sorcery, horror, sci fi… but Slugdge are something else. 

A progressive and technical tilt on blackened death metal that is thematically focused on malacology – or, the study of molluscs (primarily slugs). 

To be clear – it’s slug metal. 

Now before you dismiss it as a gimmick that surely only results in weak, ill-formed “joke” songs that fill maybe one album, understand this: Slugdge are not here to joke. 

It absolutely is a gimmick, nobody is denying it, but that doesn’t change the fact these are seriously produced, brilliantly performed songs. They’re also masterful word builders. This isn’t some random metal songs about snails and slugs. This is a multiple album-spanning concept with Lovecraftian influences, alien overlords, and many metaphors and parallels to real-word concepts, such as globalism and mass extinction.

But, again, the most important thing – the music is fucking good. It’s a journey to another world. A weird, fucked up, slug-filled world. A journey you don’t know how to pronounce… (Sludge? Sluggage? Slugj?) but one that is definitely worth your time. 

“Sink in, inhale the ichor
Why not assume your true form?
Join with us this is our blessing
Unified as one forever
Biologically entwined
Together until the end time”