I spent 2019 listening to lots of different types of metal and rock, as always, but it seemed like my main obsession in the last half of that year was the rule-breakers – bands that take the most rigid extreme metal sub genres (black metal being the obvious ones) and break conventions in ways that leave purists pulling their hair out. 

This brings me to my latest recommendation: MORA PROKAZA.

Thereโ€™s this niche movement in hip-hop, where trap is infused with a metal flavour by rappers who wear their nu metal influences on their sleeve – examples include Ghostmane and Scarlxrd. It ainโ€™t my thing, but itโ€™s still the most exciting development in hip hop in decades. 

Now we get to Mora Prokaza – two Belarusians who came up in the local extreme metal scene, bouncing around a few bands, mostly black metal. Now, instead of rappers putting their metal upbringing into their music, you have to black metallers working with clear trap influence, somehow genuinely merging the genres, while also bringing in touches of folk music, classical, and even a damn saxophone. Somehow, these mad men have actually created something that works. Itโ€™s almost like an organ transplant – the host should theoretically reject the foreign element being introduced but, sometimes, it just works. 

And Mora Prokaza just works. 

Well, to me, at least. Iโ€™m certain there are purists who would sooner be set on fire than listen to this. 

But fuck โ€˜em. The world is shit enough as it is, it feels good to get excited about something.