Cristina Scabbia is, hands down, one of the best singers in heavy metal. A genuine, classical talent.  But then, contrast her voice with the growls of Andrea Ferro, and back it with some incredible Italian gothic metal, with just enough symphonic elements to add texture but not take focus, and you really start to see how special Lacuna Coil are. 

I have loved this band since I first heard โ€œHeavenโ€™s a Lieโ€ when I was 14. I was 34 when I finally saw them live. The most wonderful part wasnโ€™t the aural time travel when they performed โ€œHeavenโ€™s a Lieโ€ (though, it was an undoubtedly special moment), it was the surprise that many more songs played throughout the evening also felt like touchstones to various points in my life, scattered through the subsequent twenty years. It was the realisation that this band has been consistent, and rewarding, for me as a fan for two decades (and I expect a long time to come).

Grazie per questo regalo, Lacuna Coil.