Most people probably don’t like Cattle Decap. Or at least they think they don’t, because there’s a fuckload to unpack. It’s nasty, cacophonous, and messy. The vocals swing the gamut from barely intelligible gutturals, to inhuman screeching, through to glam-rock-on-meth wailing. The album artwork will often be confronting, and the whole image just screams “what the pearl-clutchers always warned you the kids were listening to”.

But Cattle Decapitation are a very special band, and they have something to say. This is no more blatant than with 2019’s “Death Atlas”. This is an environmentally minded band who aren’t so much here to tell you we need to change. They’re here to tell you it’s too late. The damage is done and we deserve everything that’s coming.

“There no fear for tomorrow
When there’s no trust for today,
There’s no ever after,
Debts have to be paid”

I know it’s not how a lot of others would perceive it, but in my opinion the below song is a masterpiece. A beautiful, harrowing, masterpiece.

They’re not for everyone, but Cattle Decapitation are true pioneers and craftsmen. There is a sincere heart to their music, you just have to pay closer attention than you might like.